Praise for Mothering through the Whirlwind

Readers' Favorite 5 Star Review


“Mothering Through the Whirlwind is an inspirational memoir written by Tamara Passey. The author’s story begins when she’s twelve years old, and she promises herself to take the time to carefully consider before accepting a marriage proposal. When Steve, a college boyfriend, comes back into her life he does propose and she, remembering her promise, goes away for a week to think about what she should do. Tamara did accept and a little over a year later, she delivered their first child, a son who would need a liver transplant when he was six months old. This would be the first of many whirlwinds that Passey would encounter as she navigated her way through being a mother. Each chapter in her memoir tells a different story, based on her experiences as a mother.”

“Tamara Passey’s inspirational memoir, Mothering Through the Whirlwind, gave me a fairly good idea why the author was awarded Arizona’s Young Mother of the Year for 2013. Her dedication and long hours spent caring for her family is not something she brags about; rather it’s what her vision of being a mother is all about. At one point in her book, she considers the amount of time spent in doctors’ offices over the years and ponders what she could have done with those hours, but she finds, in the long term, a sense of joy, fulfillment and satisfaction in what her life as a mother has been. I think I was most impressed by her determination to stand aside and allow her kids to learn and make decisions on their own, as she so eloquently discusses in her essay on an art history field trip with her teenage daughter. Passey’s voice is compelling and honest, and her writing style reflects her vision beautifully. I finished her book feeling as though I had gotten to know someone who has not only weathered whirlwinds, but has found inestimable joy in her life, loves and family. Mothering Through the Whirlwind is highly recommended.”

by Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite



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