Motherhood Radio Show and Why is it so hard to listen to my own voice?

Does anyone else have this problem? Is it hard to listen to your own recorded voice? Let me back up. Earlier this year I met Dr. Christina Hibbert at a conference–we were seated at the same table for dinner. What a delight to meet her – she is the mother to six children, psychologist and an author, too. We had plenty to talk about when it came to issues for moms: coping with stress, taking time out, and even dealing with harder times like grief and loss. Recently she invited me to be a guest on her radio show “Motherhood” and I was thrilled for the chance to talk about more of these topics. How great to have a show dedicated to moms!

It is an hour show, and at first I wondered if I could have that much to say–my book, Mothering through the Whirlwind only takes about an hour and a half to read! But Christi has a great way of putting people at ease. And you know what happens when you have two moms sharing stories and strategies…before you know it, time is up!

The show is “live” now and I’m thrilled to share it. I just didn’t expect to have a hard time to listening to my own voice! So friends, you’ll have to take a break and take a listen and tell me what you think!

Motherhood Radio Show – Tamara Passey Guest/Mothering through the Whirlwind



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